Welcome to the Transit Plan 20/20 project website!

As the Coastal Bend continues to grow and travel patterns change, demand for transit is evolving as well. As a result, the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority is beginning a comprehensive evaluation of its entire transit system.

Key objectives of this planning effort include:

  • Analyzing ridership for each route, trip, and bus stop
  • Reviewing existing CCRTA practices and policies
  • Evaluating population/employment characteristics and travel patterns
  • Identifying service gaps, transit needs, and opportunities for service improvements
  • Gathering input from existing riders, potential customers, employers, schools, and community organizations
  • Determine how a transit system could better meet the needs of the Coastal Bend residents

These findings will result in a strategic plan to optimize and grow transit service over the next five years. We encourage you to use this site to learn about this project and we look forward to your comments and feedback.


CCRTA invites the community to attend an open house event June 1!